Annual General Meeting 2016

2016 AGM Minutes will be added here in the meantime these are the Castle F.T.A.R.C AGM 2014 minutes


Sunday 26th October


Open Meeting – Meeting called to order at 09:15. With the Chairman not attending the meeting

Andy Gough took the chair.

Attendance – Secretary, Competition Secretary, Development Officer, Range Officer & 27


Apologies – Jim Nee & Colin Jones

Minutes Of Last AGM – Andy Gough explained that due to his computer issues last years minutes

where no available to view.

Officers Reports

Chairman – No Chairmans report

Treasurer – Andy Gough (stand in treasurer) reported that the club is as usual in a good financial

state and a bank balance is available upon request to the secretary.

Competition Secretary – Pete Rowley reported that all of our competitions had again been well

received with positive feedback from shooters in attendance. Pete also said that with good

attendances at our competition shoots we are able to virtually cover our rent for the year. Pete ended

his report by thanking all who have helped put out courses and other tasks throughout the last year.

Secretary – Andy Gough reported that it had been another good year for Castle both in membership

numbers and financially. The building of the undercover plinking range proved popular and he

thanked all who put time and effort into running the club.

Castle Committee For 2015

The Committee For 2015 is as follows

Chairman – Duncan Jeffery

Vice Chairman – Colin Jones

Treasurer – Jim Nee

Secretary – Andy Gough

Competition Secretary – Pete Rowley

Development Officer – Mark Henson

Club Liaison Officer – Andrew Purseglove

Club Liaison Officer – John Amos

Range Officer – Mark Brewitt

Range Officer – Damion Wing


Fixation Of Club Membership & Shoot Fees For 2015

Andy Gough proposes that no increase in both membership and shoot fee should be made for 2015.

This issue was voted upon and carried unanimously – Membership and shoot fees will not change

for 2015.

Items For Discussion

1. A club course should be set out in another area of the woods for our club shooters to use on

a Winter League fixture date. However this should not apply to our Portcullis Open Shoot. –

Proposed – Andy Gough.

This issue was discussed with Paul Flinders & Gaz offering to take responsibility for the

club course. This item was then put to vote with 29 for & 2 against. – A club course will be

available to members on a winter league date. However, this will not be available on the

dates for the Portcullis Open or any future GP shoots.

2. No shooting to start before all targets have been re-painted, ie 09:30 Saturdays & 09:00

Sundays. – Proposed – Mark Henson

This item is self explanatory and was put straight to vote and carried unanimously. All

targets will be re-painted on both a Saturday & Sunday before shooting can commence.

3. If we are to continue leaving the courses out then the course should be changed after a

maximum of three weeks. – Proposed – Mark Henson

A discussion was had on this item with Dean Broughton requesting that it wasn’t just a case

of moving the targets around, we need to bring them all in and move the firing line as well.

This was agreed by all, put to the vote and carried unanimously. Any club course will be

changes after a maximum of three weeks.

4. Keys should be made available for the Green mess cabin to all members. Anyone who has

been a member for over 6 months can request keys for a set fee (this fee would be refunded

if the member leaves the club). The cabin would need to left clean and tidy and failure to do

this could lead to loss of keys privileges. – Proposed – Mark Henson

This item was discussed with Mark Henson reporting that he had been at the club on a

Saturday with other members and visitors and no one was able to get a drink or have access

to paint for the targets. He also stated that all items of value be locked away and anything

that could be required such as paint be left available in the cabin. This item was put to the

vote and carried unanimously. Keys will be cut and made available to members who pay a

set fee. If that member leaves the club the key money will be returned to them. The set fee

will be discussed at a later committee meeting.

5. Club Competitions. If you have a BFTA grade & a club grade then you should shoot all club

competitions at the higher of the two grades. – Proposed – Mark Henson

This item met with no objection and was carried unanimously. All members who enter a

Castle Only competition will shoot at their club or MFTA grade whichever is the higher.

Any Other Business

1. The MFTA wish to know if any MFTA club would like to host the Interregional weekend or

the Showdown weekend in 2015, the hosting club would receive a set fee of £500. May we

have a vote to determine if Castle wish to host these competitions.

Interregional – 0 for, 24 against & 7 abstained

Showdown – 3 for, 23 against & 5 abstained

Castle will not offer to host the Interregional weekend or the Showdown weekend in 2015

2. Andrew Gillott commented that help was offered to Woodend to lay a course for their recent

winter league shoot. However this did not happen on the day and questions where asked at

the recent MFTA meeting as to why. Andrew then reported that at the recent MFTA meeting

it was decided that Woodend would not be hosting a Winter League shoot in 2015 and he

was asked if Castle would be willing to host the Winter League twice next year. This was

put to vote and carried unanimously.

Castle have asked Andrew Gillott to report at the January MFTA meeting that we are

willing to host two winter rounds in 2015.

3. Dean Broughton asked if we could tap into the farmers water supply that runs along the edge

of the bottom field as we are often left with no water on a weekend. Steve Cope said that

this had been offered in the past and we should ask again.

Andy Gough to approach the landowner and ask the question.

Close Meeting – Meeting closed at 09:42.

Can I take this opportunity to thank all who attended this years AGM for their calm approach and

good manners throughout the meeting.

Andy Gough