Gun Safety

SAFETY COMES FIRST[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”right”][/image_frame]

Please follow these simple rules for Gun safety not just at Castle but at any time you have your gun out of its bag. This will go a long way to keeping us all safe and help Castle keep its 100% safety record.

We operate a Buddy Marshalling system at Castle so if you see someone not following the Safety Rules it’s OK to remind them.

1                     When Rifles or Pistols are not in use on a lane they MUST be unloaded and placed either on a Shooting Cushion (pointing over the firing line) or stored in a gun slip or case. They MUST NOT be waved around or pointed in the direction of other members.

2                     When it’s your turn to shoot Keep your Rifle or pistol pointing down range whilst range finding and loading. If you are loading a pneumatic pistol, while you charge it, keep the barrel pointing down the lane and not pointing at a colleague standing next to you.

3                     If you hear a single whistle or air horn blast STOP shooting immediately and discharge your weapon at a safe distance down the lane. Do not range find and DO NOT SIT WITH A LOADED WEAPON ACROSS YOUR LAP.  When you hear two blasts of the whistle or air horn it is safe to reload your weapon and continue shooting.

4                     When moving from lane to lane, make sure your gun is unloaded and always walk with your rifle or pistol pointing at the floor or carried in a gun slip or case. When you reach the next lane place your weapon on the shooting cushion pointing over the firing line or leave stored in its gun slip until it’s your turn to shoot.

5                     If your gun is magazine fed, remove the magazine between Lanes

6                     Members under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult at all times and must not be left alone with any Air Weapon


General Gun Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Never point your gun at anyone

Always treat your gun as if it’s loaded

Always be aware where your muzzle is pointing

If you have difficulty getting up after shooting a lane, don’t wave your gun around, ask a colleague to assist.

Don’t rest the gun on your foot.

Don’t carry your gun by the scope.

Do not load your rifle or look through the scope, unless you are at a designated firing line.

 We are all responsible for safety so lets look out for each other and we will keep us all safe.