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Castle Christmas Shoot 2021

It’s been a tough year and with a modified criteria we successfully completed a shooting season for 2021.
Today we celebrated our league winners and held our annual Christmas shoot.
Here are our winners of the Christmas shoot, a 40 shot course with the option of shooting standing, kneeling or sitting and scores of 3 2 1 respectively.

1st place John Amos

2nd place Marc Fisher

3rd place Paul Tunstall

Here are the winners of AA Grade:
1st place Richard Goucher
2nd place John Amos
3rd place Martyn Pitt

Here are the winners of A Grade
1st place Colin Jones
2nd place Mark Brewitt
3rd place Rob Long

Here are the winners of B Grade
1st place Tom Wade
2nd place Vinnie Rowe
3rd place Rob Scott

Here are the winners of C Grade
1st place Kerry Eminson
2nd place Paul Higgins
3rd place Dave Bull

Here are the winners of the pistol
1st place Jeff Walker
2nd place Martyn Pitt
3rd place Sam Walker

Here are the winners of the open sights
1st place Jeff Walker
2nd place Richard Goucher
3rd place Sam Walker

Here are the winners of the silhouettes
1st place John Amos
2nd place Martyn Pitt
3rd place Jeff Walker

We have more pictures of the day that can be found HERE

A big thank you to Anthony Johnson for creating stunning trophies. Mrs Amos for making tasty chilli, Mrs Purseglove for buttery mince pies and Sam Walker for Christmas flapjacks. Paul Flinders filled the table with a variety of great raffle prizes and Jeff Walker put together our podium for the winners to pose on!

The biggest thank you goes to all our members for turning out each Sunday, trying their best and filling the air with all kinds of banter.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Open sights – bar raised again

We have held an open sight shoot at Castle for a few years now. It’s not easy!

20 targets ranging between 10 – 45yrds, a couple of reducers, a pair of kneelers and a pair of standers.

We score slightly differently than the main FT course with 1 point for a plate hit and 2 points for a knock down.

This morning saw Jeff Walker score a 39. Knocking all the targets down except a 10mm reducer. That’s fantastic shooting with his 30+ year old Air Arms XM100. Air Arms foresight  and Anschutz rear sight. It’s a right hand gun that he shoots with his left eye!

Castle maintenance

Thank you for doing such an amazing job replacing the roof on our canteen and main office. Whilst our cabins are closed due to Covid19 it has given us the opportunity to update and maintain them. Richard from Chesterfield Sheds assisted by Arthur and some might say hindered by Dean and Terry 😉 Your hard work and support is very much appreciated.

Coronavirus update and opening of grounds


Information for all Members of Castle FTARC

Castle FTARC will be open for club activities from 0900 hours on Wednesday 13th May 2020.

To reduce the risk to members from the Coronavirus Pandemic, a number of safeguards are to be observed at all times by all members.

If it becomes apparent that members are not following this guidance, or if the Government’s advice changes, we may be forced to close again.

The rules are straightforward and are laid out below:

1 All members must sign in upon arrival at the club’s grounds. As the office will be closed, the book outside must be used. Members should bring their own pens to facilitate this and be responsible for disinfecting themselves after handling the book. If members shoot on a Sunday, they must be aware that their shoot fees will be collected at a later date by the club’s Treasurer.

2 No person must be within 2 metres of any other person at any time, neither in the car park or in the wood. If any person observes this rule being broken, they should tell the persons involved to move apart. If they are some distance away from said persons, they should blow their whistle once (as in a cease fire) and identify the source of the issue, and then twice (for activities to recommence).

3 The canteen and the office are to remain closed until further notice. If members wish to consume hot drinks and/or food, they should bring their own.

4 Members must avoid placing their shooting equipment on the work benches and seats provided at the club unless they are satisfied that they have personally disinfected said benches and seats.

5 When resetting targets with the strings, members should, if they deem it necessary, use disposable gloves or their own disinfectants to protect themselves from infection. Castle FTARC will not provide such materials as members should use their own.

6 On-site toilet facilities should be used with special caution and members should cater for their own safety with regard to protection and disinfection.

7 The club’s annual competitions are closed for the 2019/2020 season, therefore, there is no need to access or handle any recording materials such as pens or scorecards.

8 No visitors will be allowed on site, and no new members catered for until further notice.

9 Members who are deemed by the Government and the Health Authorities to be especially vulnerable to the risk of infection from the Coronavirus, should weigh-up for themselves the personal health and well-being benefits of attending the club, against the potential risks to themselves and others.

Castle end of season results and Christmas shoot

Its been a close competition this year at Castle for all grades and side shoots. In some cases a single point between places!
Here are this years winners. You can click HERE to see the complete list of all competitors. You can click HERE to see all this years winners

AA Grade
1st Martyn Pitt
2nd Andy Purseglove
3rd John Amos
A Grade
1st Richard Goucher
2nd Paul Tunstall
3rd Jeff Walker
B Grade
1st Malcolm Reeve
2nd Ian Towndrow
3rd Tony Davenport
C Grade
1st Vinnie Rowe
2nd Tom Wade
3rd Dave Bull
Open Class
1st Arthur Parsons
1st John Amos
2nd Andy Purseglove
Open Sights
1st Richard Goucher
2nd Jeff Walker
3rd Sam Walker
1st Jeff Walker
2nd Martyn Pitt
3rd Sam Walker

Our Christmas shoot is always great fun.

A 40 shot course with a scoring system to suit all abilities. A miss gets you 0, knock down the target sitting and you get 1 point, kneeling gets you 2 points and standing 3 points. Take a look at the target and then decide how lucky you are feeling!
This year saw visitor Dylan Varney finish on a whopping 102 points! We think this may be a new high score for the Castle Christmas shoot. The highest scoring Castle member was Neil Hague with 88 points. Whatever these guys are having from breakfast I need to get me some.
A big thank you to the lovely Mrs Amos for making a delicious pan of chilli for us all, Mrs Rowley for making tasty sandwiches and other members who kept our bellies satisfied with various culinary delights after todays shoot.
This years trophys were supplied by AJP custom parts. Thank you Jono for making such beautiful, bespoke trophies that I am sure all our winners are extremely proud to show off. If you would like to check out AJP and their usual work, HERE is a link to their website.
Finally, thank you to all our members. It’s a pleasure to spend each Sunday morning in your company. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Summer league 2019

Castle hosted the first shoot of the summer league the good weather meant we had a great turn out. Thank you to all that helped with

Here are the shoot dates for the summer league

21st April – Castle – Summer League Rnd 1

19th May – Purley Chase – Summer League Rnd 2

2nd June – Blackbrook – Summer League Rnd 3

16th June – Harriers – Summer League Rnd 4

30th June – Far Coley – Summer League Rnd 5

14th July – Greyhound – Summer League Rnd 6

28th July – Purley Chase – Summer League Rnd 7

4th August – Far Coley – Summer League Rnd 8

18th August – Millride – Summer League Rnd 9