Castle Rules, Constitution & Byelaws

Castle Handbook V1a.2024

     What We Don’t Do!

We do not shoot any live animals, whether they are classed as vermin under the law or not. It is forbidden at our club and if found to be doing so will lead to an immediate ban!


Please Note

Annual Club Competition, Completion of Scorecards.
 Each year Castle FTARC hosts a club competition in the grades AA, A, B, C and Piston (P). A Silhouette Competition was introduced for 2015-16. Prizes are awarded at the Christmas shoot each year. The best 12 scores for each shooter count towards their final score. Only scores from Sunday mornings count.
Scorecards are only valid if:
 they are completed during the Sunday shoot, lane by lane,  They are completed by your shooting partner at the time you are shooting,  They are signed upon completion of the course by your partner.
Also only one shot per target is allowed. If you miss a target you should not take another shot to assist you.  Please abide by the rules and good luck.

Field Target Shooting