How To Join

How to become a member at Castle FTARC


Here are easy steps to follow that will ensure you get the most from joining Castle FTARC

Visit us!

We ask that all visitors to Castle arrive between 8.30 – 9.30am on any Sunday morning.

Your first visit will be free. It gives you the opportunity to take a look around, meet some of our members and check that Castle is the right club for you.

Your next 3 visits will be as a guest member. (£3 each visit on Sundays)

You will be given a temporary membership card which will need signing by a full member on each visit. You will be supervised throughout your visit and shoot the field target course. There will be the opportunity to shoot with a different member for each of these 3 visits. This is a great way to meet new people and learn new ways to get the most from your kit out on the course.

Following your 3 guest visits, if all goes well, you will be invited to join as a probationary member for the first 3 months before becoming a full member.




Field Target Shooting