Castle end of season results and Christmas shoot

Its been a close competition this year at Castle for all grades and side shoots. In some cases a single point between places!
Here are this years winners. You can click HERE to see the complete list of all competitors. You can click HERE to see all this years winners

AA Grade
1st Martyn Pitt
2nd Andy Purseglove
3rd John Amos
A Grade
1st Richard Goucher
2nd Paul Tunstall
3rd Jeff Walker
B Grade
1st Malcolm Reeve
2nd Ian Towndrow
3rd Tony Davenport
C Grade
1st Vinnie Rowe
2nd Tom Wade
3rd Dave Bull
Open Class
1st Arthur Parsons
1st John Amos
2nd Andy Purseglove
Open Sights
1st Richard Goucher
2nd Jeff Walker
3rd Sam Walker
1st Jeff Walker
2nd Martyn Pitt
3rd Sam Walker

Our Christmas shoot is always great fun.

A 40 shot course with a scoring system to suit all abilities. A miss gets you 0, knock down the target sitting and you get 1 point, kneeling gets you 2 points and standing 3 points. Take a look at the target and then decide how lucky you are feeling!
This year saw visitor Dylan Varney finish on a whopping 102 points! We think this may be a new high score for the Castle Christmas shoot. The highest scoring Castle member was Neil Hague with 88 points. Whatever these guys are having from breakfast I need to get me some.
A big thank you to the lovely Mrs Amos for making a delicious pan of chilli for us all, Mrs Rowley for making tasty sandwiches and other members who kept our bellies satisfied with various culinary delights after todays shoot.
This years trophys were supplied by AJP custom parts. Thank you Jono for making such beautiful, bespoke trophies that I am sure all our winners are extremely proud to show off. If you would like to check out AJP and their usual work, HERE is a link to their website.
Finally, thank you to all our members. It’s a pleasure to spend each Sunday morning in your company. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.