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Dates for your diary’s upcoming shoots 2019

Summer League 

21st April – Castle – Summer League Rnd 1

19th May – Purley Chase – Summer League Rnd 2

2nd June – Blackbrook – Summer League Rnd 3

16th June – Harriers – Summer League Rnd 4

30th June – Far Coley – Summer League Rnd 5

14th July – Greyhound – Summer League Rnd 6

28th July – Purley Chase – Summer League Rnd 7

4th August – Far Coley – Summer League Rnd 8

18th August – Millride – Summer League Rnd 9

Winter League

13th October 2019– Castle – Winter League Rnd 1

27th October 2019 – Purley Chase – Winter League Rnd 2

10th November 2019 – Blackbrook – Winter League Rnd 3

24th November 2019– Harriers – Winter League Rnd 4

8th December 2019 – Far Coley – Winter League Rnd 5

5th January 2020 – Millride – Winter League Rnd 6

19th January 2020 – Dowry Hill – Winter League Rnd 7

2nd February 2020 – Greyhound – Winter League Rnd 8

16th February 2020 – Far Coley – Winter League Rnd 9

1st March 2020 – TBC – Winter League Rnd 10

15th March 2020 – Blackbrook – Masters & Clubs Cup

2019 GP Season


28th April




12th May

Tawd Vale



26th May (Bank-H)




27th May (Bank-H)

Oak Tree



9th June




23rd June




7th July




21st July

Purbeck FTC



25th August



BFTA Masters

31st August

Emley Moor


BFTA Showdown

1st September

Emley Moor


BFTA Europeans

14th/15th Sept. (tbc)

Weston Park


Congratulations to Castles John Amos & Ian Shaw for some excellent shooting during the summer season. John has shot superb in the GP series with his Walther LGU springer and after a close finish at the last round at Emley Moor John went on to take 1st prize.




Ian Shaw decided to concentrate on this year’s Midlands Summer league. After missing the first couple of shoots he had to get his head down. Ian managed to put in three 100% and a 91% and with 4 rounds counting he took top spot.


Well done to John and Ian

A busy time at Castle in the next couple of weeks we have the Masters and the Showdown 2nd&3rd of September and the Portcullis 10th of September. The following weekend is the BFTA Euros @ Weston Park  the week after its the Worlds @ Wales a fair few Castle members are shooting these two events so good luck to all that are competing.


Castle F.T.A.R.C Committee Meeting Held On 2nd April 2017



Castle F.T.A.R.C Committee Meeting
Held On 2nd April 2017


Meeting opened by Colin Jones @ 09.11


Colin Jones Chairman
Andrew Purseglove Secretary
Sam Walker Assistant Secretary
Paul Flinders Treasurer
Mark Henson Development Officer
Pete Rowley Club Liaison Officer
Damion Wing Range Officer


John Amos

1. Castle Clean Up Day.

It was proposed that we would have a club clean up day which would include emptying of all the club buildings so we can refurbish and tidy them up.
It was passed that we would obtain a skip and get paint and materials to hand to complete the refurbishment. This will be carried out on Saturday June 3rd and will require as much help from club members as possible.

It was also passed that any new members who are not seen to be helping at the club that they would be emailed and reminded of the conditions of membership.

2. Limiting club membership.

It was proposed that club membership be limited to 100 members, the rationale was to stop the club becoming too busy at peak times and help in a small way to protect the field from damage. It was suggested that the club did not require new members and if new members were to be encouraged we should aim it at the younger shooters.
This was not passed as it was seen that we would be limiting the growth of the club, but it was suggested and passed that any new member requests would only be considered from Field Target Shooters who would be vetted by the committee before the 3 monthly probationary period would start.

3. Covered Silhouette Range.

This was proposed and passed but was deemed that we should seek the land owner’s permission before carrying out the work. The funds would be available up front to cover the materials and agreed that the members would supply the labour to erect the shelter.

4. Car Park Extension

It was proposed to see if the farmer would consider making the car park area larger if the cost was reasonable.
It was agreed for John Amos to approach Barry and ask him if it would be possible and to get a feel of the cost before making a decision.

5. Adopt A Charity

It was asked if the club would consider in adopting a charity, this was suggested after seeing how the McMillian Nurses provided support to Jim Nee and his family during his illness.
It was agreed that this would be a good idea and to charge a bit more for one of our annual shoots like the Portcullis, the charity would be chosen for the event and publicised beforehand.

6. Castle Event Dates

Cyril Julian Sunday 18th June
BFTA Grand Prix Round 6 Sunday 16th July 2017 (help will be required from members)
MFTA Summer League Round 8 Sunday 27th August 2017
BFTA Masters Saturday 2nd September
BFTA Showdown Sunday 3rd September
Castle Portcullis Sunday 10th September
MFTA Winter League Round 1 Sunday 15th October 2017
Castle Christmas Shoot Sunday 17th December

7. Club Constitution & Rules

It was felt that the constitution and rules of the club should be brought up to date. Sam Walker agreed to look at this (now completed).

8. TSB Bank Signatory

TSB bank have requested that we hold a committee meeting to formally remove Rob Fisher as a designated signatory. The committee members present agreed that this should be done to enable the club accounts to be controlled by the new committee.

Meeting closed @ 10.03am

Stan Gregory

We are sad to hear the passing of Stan Gregory, all at Castle send their condolences to Stan’s family at this sad time.

Castle FTARC Annual Club Competition

Castle FTARC Annual Club Competition

Please note, any shooter deemed by the Castle FTARC Management Committee to be inaccurately completing scorecards will still be allowed to shoot at the club, however, the scores recorded will not count towards the end of season results

 Castle FTARC Management Committee

Please Note

Annual Club Competition,

Completion of Scorecards.

 Each year Castle FTARC hosts a club competition in the grades AA, A, B, C and Piston (P). A Silhouette Competition was introduced for 2015-16. Prizes are awarded at the Christmas shoot each year. The best 12 scores for each shooter count towards their final score. Only scores from Sunday mornings count.

Scorecards are only valid if :

They are completed during the Sunday shoot, lane by lane,

 They are completed by your shooting partner at the time you are shooting,

 They are signed upon completion of the course by your partner.


 Only one shot per target is allowed. If you miss a target you should not take another shot to assist you.

 Please abide by the rules and good luck!

 John Amos, Competition Secretary