Castle F.T.A.R.C.

Set in glorious woodland in the heart of England, Castle field target club has a good friendly atmosphere where like minded marksmen come together to enjoy and share their passion for shooting. With an excellent safety record Castle welcomes safe, sensible air rifle users to our club whether you are male, female, young or old. Club competitions are run throughout the Winter and Summer with four leagues of ability battling it out for the top three trophy spots. If you wish to pay us a visit please feel free to come along to have a chat and gain valuable advice about shooting techniques and the equipment you need to join in one of Britain’s fastest growing and enjoyable sports.

We do not offer bench rest, plinking or airsoft facilities.

Latest News:

For all the latest MFTA news check out the June edition of Inside Edge below.

Inside Edge Magazine Issue 12 June 2024.


Well done to our Castle FT team that won the Clubs Cup Competition 2024. They shot so hard they didn’t even have enough energy left to lift the cup up!

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